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SLPNA exists to protect, promote, and enhance our neighborhood.


South Land Park: A Great Place to Live!

South Land Park is a tree-lined, established, desirable, and multicultural neighborhood located a few miles south of downtown Sacramento. With origins in the 1950s and 1960s as a residential and suburban extension of Sacramento, South Land Park now offers its residents a community of neighborhood parks and schools, unique ranch-style and midcentury modern architecture, and one of the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento. The residents of South Land Park are proud of their quiet and safe streets, well-maintained properties, and their close community. According to Sacramento Police, it has one of the lowest crime rates in the city.

We are a neighborhood of YIMBY's! (Yes in My Backyard!)

We have welcomed and actively supported numerous projects in South Land Park, and we encourage commercial and public investments in our community.

A few recent examples:
  1. we recently supported all three shopping center projects (new Raleys on Freeport Blvd, remodel of Florin West Center, and new SF Market opening in South Hills Center);
  2. we supported the new fuel station at Blair Ave. and Freeport Blvd;
  3. we joined with neighbors in supporting a historical community trail (Del Rio Trail);
  4. we have hosted ribbon cutting ceremonies for new businesses;
  5. we utilize and support neighborhood businesses and services, and oppose displacement of those businesses;
  6. we supported a new dog park/cafe proposal on Freeport Blvd;
  7. we advocated for improvements to our parks;
  8. we advocate for more pedestrian friendly street crossings and safer routes to schools.
As "YIMBY's", we support smart, safe, and environmentally friendly projects that improve the livability of our neighborhood. Go to our Membership page to join us!

Save the Date! Tuesday, August 6

Neighborhood night out at Alice Birney School, 5:30 pm-8 pm! Food, family, fun!!


Board Meetings

The SLPNA Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of each month at Belle Cooledge Library community room, at 7 pm. An annual meeting of the general membership is also held each March. Contact if you would like further information.

2019 Annual Meeting a Huge Success

Over 100 neighbors met on March 20 for the annual meeting at Pony Express Elementary. Presentations were made by elected officials, police authorities, neighborhood school representatives, and SLPNA board members. Updates were given on the city's Del Rio Trail project and we also welcomed two new board members! To learn more about items affecting the residents and neighborhoods of South Land Park, please join us at our regular monthly Board meetings.

Don't forget to join SLPNA or renew your membership by clicking on the Membership link.

Rail to Trail: We Support the Del Rio Trail

SLPNA is strongly supporting the Del Rio Trail project. This 4.5 mile long stretch of abandoned rail line runs through the heart of South Land Park, from the Zoo to roughly Pocket Rd at Freeport Blvd. Neighborhood surveys show 83% support from residents, businesses, and schools.

As we predicted years ago, train buffs are proposing (again) to run heavy locomotive tourist trains on the narrow corridor that has been designated for a community trail. This unpopular and ill advised train scheme has no real support, but we are forever vigilant and prepared to stand united with all of our neighbors and elected officials.

SLPNA Issues Letter Regarding Proposed Changes to RT Bus Routes

Click here to read the letter:

Proposed Projects for South Land Park

Water Meter Installation Project: South Land Park

Please click below to read the City of Sacramento documents concerning the plans for water meter installation throughout South Land Park:

Link 1 | Link 2

Improvements to Florin West Center Nearing Completion

SLPNA supports the construction of new retail buildings and the numerous improvements to the building facades and landscaping in the aging Florin West Center. The whole center is undergoing a modernization and upgrade thanks to the developer, MO Capital. Our board met with the developer and submitted comments to the City in November 2016.

The shopping center is home to a Bel Air grocery store, Round Table Pizza, ABC Bakery, and several other businesses that serve South Land Park, Z'Berg Park, and Greenhaven neighborhoods.

Residents will be pleased to know that Raleys also plans to do a major remodeling of the Bel Air grocery store at this center. Round Table is also doing a major remodel. When construction is complete, the center will be renamed the South Land Park Shopping Center. We look forward to the ribbon cutting- so stay tuned!

The project documents are posted below.


New Raleys Flagship Store and Shops Coming to Freeport Blvd

After a lengthy project review period and litigation, the new Raleys flagship project is under construction at the site of the old Capital Nursery on Freeport Boulevard. SLPNA supported this project and testified at the City Council. An interesting historical note: Raleys agreed to the requests of in preserving the iconic Raleys neon sign and moving it to the new store location- what a great idea.

The South Land Park store is the grocery chain's most profitable. This location serves thousands of residents in South Land Park, Land Park, Hollywood Park, Curtis Park and Mangan Park.

The project document is posted below:

The City Council approved the project on Nov. 22, 2016.

We Love Our Community

Wonder why South Land ark is most desirable community?

Green Initiatives

We are working on a brand new walking trail in our Greenbelt

Businesses Love Us

We are vigiliant, neighborhood watch communities, which benefits everyone

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